Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Eat Right

Eat Right
Year Ones have been learning about healthy food choices, what influences these choices and which foods we should eat every day and what foods should be eaten only occasionally.
Lisa visited our school to teach us about healthy snacks. We sorted snack food into the categories of red for sometimes foods; amber for a couple of times a week foods and green for healthy snacks.
In class we have learned more about the five food groups and how many handfuls we should eat daily from each group.
We made healthy salad sandwiches assisted by a great group of parents. All the children agreed the sandwiches were delicious and many of them had a second and third serving of leftover vegetables! It was also great to see children sample vegetables that they had not eaten before and they have now pledged to try and include more vegetables in their diet.

As part of this study we have investigated how the food we eat impacts on our bodies, particularly our teeth. Students have learnt about the digestive process and the effect different foods have on their health and energy levels.