Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Term 2

‘What’s On’

It’s Term 2 and there is an exciting and busy program ahead! 
Our Inquiry Unit this term is ‘Animal Safari’.  The unit focuses on the central idea:
·   All living things have a cycle of growth and depend on each other and the enviroment.

The children will investigate that:
·        Every animal has a life cycle to ensure its survival.
·        We depend on the food chain to survive.
·        When habitats change some living things can no longer have their needs meet.

These investigations will be explored through the following programs, utilising the local environment and resources.

The dates for these programs are:
·        Tuesday 2nd May - Butterfly Adventures
·        Friday 19th May- Melbourne Museum/IMAX Theatre
·        Friday 26th May - Water bugs Presentation

We will utilise our unit as the basis for information reports and persuasive writing and revisit recount texts as part of our Big Write.

Reading Centres will continue with the emphasis on developing comprehension skills. In oral reading the emphasis will be on fluency and expression. Please encourage your children to continue to read daily and ask them questions about the text.

In Spelling we will be continuing with the Smart Spelling phonics program.  Please ensure that your child is orally sounding out each word as they record it in the correct column each evening. 

The Maths focus this term will be addition strategies using a variety of concrete aids. We will continue to develop their understanding of place value and counting. Measurement learning will be related to chance and data and length. Children will undertake a number of problem solving activities.

During computer sessions, students will further develop their ICT skills using Word and Power Point and using search engines for researching.

Further Dates:
·        Friday 28th April – Curriculum Day – 7 Steps of Writing
·        Week beginning 22nd May – Parent/Teacher Interviews
·        Thursday 1st June – Parent Information Evening on the Resilience Program
·        Week beginning 12th June – Anti-Bullying Week

We are looking forward to another great term.

Year 1 Teachers