Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Term 2 Work

As part of our investigation of how all living things have a life cycle we had a visit from Sharon at Butterfly Adventures. She brought with her a pop-up enclosure that we could sit inside and interact very closely with the butterflies. We were able to observe their proboscis uncurling to take a drink and feel the tiny hooks on the end of their legs as the butterflies rested on our hands. 
One lucky person from each class got the opportunity to dress up as a butterfly and demonstrate the different physical features of butterflies.
Sharon then left a chrysalis for each class so we were able to follow the life cycle in real time and even see butterflies hatching!
Following on from this experience we visited IMAX to watch ‘The Flight of the Butterfly’. Watching the 3D movie it felt like we were flying along with the butterflies. We found out further information on the threats to the butterflies’ survival.
Have you ever seen a bee flying around your backyard? Chances are it is a bee from Gideon’s house. Tiffany and Gideon made a presentation on bee-keeping. Bees will fly up to 3 kilometres from their hive to find nectar and pollen. Not only did Tiffany show us all the equipment they use but she also brought in some samples of honey. Delicious!

We have learnt about how animals depend on each other for survival and how food chains work. It was tremendous fun acting out food chains and then making craft food chains. Sam then visited Gardenvale and brought some water samples from the Yarra River which contained different water bugs and plants and we were able to explore the different food chains.

Going further with our investigation we have all had the chance to compile our first project. This is a little booklet on our chosen animal or mini beast.