Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Term 3 - What's On

What’s On’

Our Inquiry Unit this term is ‘Wicked Weather’.  Students will be investigating day/night and the seasons, how weather changes throughout the year and around the world and the weather’s effect on our daily activities.  We will study the 24 hour cycle.  A range of science experiments will be undertaken to explain and demonstrate weather phenomena and students will record their findings.  An exciting science show, ‘Wicked Weather’ on Tuesday 15th August, will provide students with hands-on activities to reinforce their understandings about weather.  Other aspects to be covered will be investigating how Indigenous Australians measure the seasons. 
Our Mathematics program continues to develop the students’ proficiency in number, place value, addition and subtraction and the interrelationship between them. Measurement areas to be covered include time, temperature and location. 
We will continue to use the laptops for our ICT program using Word, Power Point, 2Create a Superstory and Paint.
In Literacy, the students will be reading traditional tales and narratives to analyse their structure. Through the ‘7 Steps of Writing’ program they will examine Sizzling Starts and Tightening Tension scenes which engage readers and make a narrative successful.  Recounts and poetry will further enrich the program. 
As part of the VCOP Program we will continue to use ‘Big Writes’. Prior to a ‘Big Write’ your child will bring home a note outlining the writing stimulus and discussion suggestions for you to help your child generate ideas for their writing (‘Talk Homework’).                                    
Diary Dates:
July 30 -Year One Working Bee
August 15 – ‘Wicked Weather’ In-Visit from Mad About Science
August 17 – Curriculum Day
August 21-25 Book Week: 23/8-Wacky Wednesday
August 30 – Invisit Boon Wurrung Foundation focussing on the indigenous perspective of the seasons
August 31-Whole school In-Visit Richard Scholes ‘The Magical World of Wacky Science’
September 22-Footy Fever Day
We look forward to a terrific Term 3.
Year 1 Teachers